Betta Tanks

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All of my Betta fish and Tanks

Here is a video of all of my bettas.


I hope u guys start to chill about the bettas tanks now:-) The rest of the week is gonna be pretty busy for me so I don't think I'm gonna upload.

Setting up new betta tanks

I've had the thought of buying a bookshelf and putting a bunch of 2. 5 gallon tanks on it for awhile.

Good and Bad Betta Tanks

Please don't keep your bettas in tiny bowls and please subscribe.

Compatible Tank Mates for Betta Fish

From Platies to Tetras, Rasboras to Corty Catfish and more, aquatic expert Tom Sarac explains which species you can safely pair with Betta Splendens.

fish tank betta trex
Fish tank territories
This fish lives in one cubic inch of water. The entire time I was watching I never saw him move one millimeter closer to T-rex
Photo by waitscm on Flickr
fish plant water real aquarium log lily tank head buddha fake floating fresh egyptian betta freshwater
Photo by Nickogibson on Flickr
fish tank betta bettasplendens lowtech siamesefightingfish fightingfish
Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish)
Eyes to eyes from the roof.
Photo by Joel Carnat on Flickr