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Top Five TETRAS - Tetra Fish types - Tetra Fish Varieties - Tetra Tank

What's up everybody, Dustin here with Dustin's Fish Tanks.

Neon Tetra Fish in Aquarium Planted Tank

Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish in planted Tank Minimum Tank Size: 5 Gallons (10 Recommended) Care Level: Easy Water Conditions: PH 5. 5-7. 5 and Soft to.

Tetra Fish Tank

Quick video of my tank.

Aquarium Fish Unboxing. Rare Plecos, Puffer Fish, Corydoras, Cardinal Tetras, Rice Fish

Rare Plecos, Puffer Fish, Corydoras, Cardinal Tetras, and Rice Fish.

Types of Tetra Fish for Freshwater Aquariums

Tetra fish are the most popular fish for freshwater aquariums.

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sea fish toronto ontario canada fall aquarium marine tank under sharks animalplanet 2013 ripley’s
Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
Photo by City.and.Color on Flickr
orange fish aquarium small tetra 365d 365daysincolour
orange ~ 19 aquarium fish
little tetra in my aquarium
Photo by Upupa4me on Flickr
fish aquarium fishtank tropical tetra freshwater
glowlight tetra
a popular tetra thats similar to the common neon, looks good in large groups
Photo by h080 on Flickr