Canoeing Solo

Top Expert Tips to Solo Your Canoe | Skills | Canoeroots | Rapid Media

Solo your canoe so you can strike out on your own adventure or just become a more skilled paddler in general.

Solo Canoeing Workshop

Learn how to pilot a solo canoe from Tamarack and the guardians, including techniques for long-term voyaging and stealth paddling.

Total Outdoorsman: How to Paddle a Canoe Solo

Here's how to effectively paddle a canoe without a partner.

Tandem Canoe Paddled Solo .wmv

Helpful tips on how to paddle a tandem canoe solo.

Solo Canoe Paddling Tips

The Happy Camper shows some tips on how to paddle a canoe solo - and why.

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Solo Canoe
Paddling out to pump fresh water for our water bottles. Wabakimi Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, July, 2010.
Photo by OakleyOriginals on Flickr
canada canoe
Ray's Skin on Frame Solo Canoe
Photo by Quiet Lake on Flickr
solo canoe
Photo by Tom Fullerton on Flickr