Canoeing How To

Jul 24, 16:17 PDT

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How to Steer and Paddle a Canoe : How to Paddle Efficiently in Canoeing

Learn how to paddle the best way for flatwater canoeing in this free outdoor extreme sports video from our kayak and canoe expert.

The Paddle - Intro to Canoeing - How to Canoe

Here you will learn the different parts of the paddle and how.

Canoeing - How to flip a canoe by accident

Decided to go canoeing for the day.

Total Outdoorsman: How to Paddle a Canoe Solo

Here's how to effectively paddle a canoe without a partner.

River Reading & River Safety for Whitewater Canoeing : How to Do a Roll in a Solo Whitewater Canoe

Learn how to do a roll in a solo whitewater canoe in this free online instructional video lesson on.

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Vintage Lake
Here's a weathered vintage remake of a photo by Ales Krivec. There's just something super cool about the composition, peacefulness and the simplicity of the original photo. I think its just got something to do with...
Photo by Lenny K Photography on Flickr
england london nasa olympics goddard nasaolympics
London, United Kingdom
Billions of people will see London through many different filters and lenses during the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. None of those views will look quite like this one from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting...
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr
park hot june sunday cne canoes lakeontario 5th finally
Photo by marc falardeau on Flickr