Canoeing Adirondacks

Feb 16, 05:37 PST

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Adirondacks - Bog River Flow Canoeing with our dog!

Canoeing a little bit of the Bog River Flow in the Adirondacks Our dog's first time out in a canoe.

Adirondacks Essex Chain of Lakes Camping, backpacking, canoeing

The Essex Chain of Lakes Property designated for Camping, Paddling, Backpacking, and Mt Biking.

Adirondack backcountry canoe trip, Henderson Lake to Duck Hole

Solo canoe trip from Henderson Lake to Preston Ponds, and continuing to Duck Hole.

Adirondack Park Canoe Trip

Please join Brad and Wayne Jennings on a canoe trip through the Adirondack Park in Upstate New York.

Adirondack Canoe Camping with my Wife and dog!

Visiting an Adirondack Wilderness Lake to bushcraft, canoe and camp with my wife and dog.

adirondacks canoe dvsphotos
Lynell and George
Photo by dvs on Flickr
adirondacks canoe matlab dvsphotos
Kim and Chris
Photo by dvs on Flickr
camping adirondacks canoe 1998
Photo by RMD Observations on Flickr