Royal Gramma Basslet - Gramma Loreto

Species Spotlight Season 2 - Royal Gramma - Episode 3

Native to the deep-water reefs of the Caribbean this fish prefers extensive rockwork caves in which to hide and somewhat subdued lighting.

Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto) |

The Royal Gramma Basslet brings an explosion of color to any saltwater aquarium.

ROYAL GRAMMAS How To: Aquarium Fish Keeping Tricks and Tips


Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto)

93 gallon Marineland Cube drilled with overflow (30x30x24) Marineland Monterey stand Glass canopy Kessil A350W Tuna Blue LED with gooseneck Ecotech .

Quarantining Fairy Basslet (Gramma loreto) harem

Quarantining Fairy Basslet / Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) harem.


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Fairy Basslet
Fairy Basslet on Brain Coral
Photo by HockeyholicAZ on Flickr