Aquarium Yellow Fish

Aug 8, 21:20 PDT

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Electric Yellow Cichlid Fish

African Electric Yellow Cichlid Fish in aquarium setup.

How To Stop Yellow Aquarium Water

I explain why aquarium water goes yellow and how to fix it. Aquarium water can go yellow if there is too much dissolved organics compounds in your aquarium.

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Does Your Aquarium Have Yellow Water Or Snails? KGQandA!


Hawaii researchers first to successfully breed, rear yellow tang aquarium fish

The yellow tang is the most harvested ornamental fish in Hawaii's waters.

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Aquarium Fish
One fish, two fish, orange fish, yellow fish at the Houston Zoo
Photo by BFS Man on Flickr
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Bright Yellow Fish
Photo by Michael Bentley on Flickr
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Yellow Fish
Photo by LisaW123 on Flickr