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HOW TO: Aquarium safe rocks TUTORIAL

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Collecting Rocks to Aquascape my 125 gallon Fish Tank.

Today we look at the first part of Aquascaping, which is collecting the rocks for the hardscape.

Aquascaping with rock on a budget

How to gain height for rocks and build slopes on a budget Drainage cells http://www.

Finding Driftwood & Rocks for an Aquarium!

Hunting for rocks and driftwood in local waterways.

Aquascaping Lab - Aquarium Rocks: Dragon stone,Seiryu stone,Slate,Rainbow,Pagoda,Quartz,Sodalite

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year2013 fishtank pagoda decoration fish aquarium tank home light 2012
Fish Tank Pagoda
San Jose, California
Photo by Photographing Travis on Flickr
aquarium monterey rocks
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Photo by TerriJane01 on Flickr
aquarium goldfish camden adventure cracker
Goldfish at the Aquarium
This is a picture of goldfish crackers that the boys were eating at the Camden Aquarium, June 2008.
Photo by robletcherpa on Flickr