Aquarium Heater Controller

Dec 18, 15:14 PST

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LED Microchip Digital Control 100W 300W 500W Aquarium Heater Anti-Explosion USA

100/200/300/400/500W, 1.5/2.0mm Thickness Quartz Glass

Dec 16, 07:32 PST

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HOW TO: Build an aquarium heater controller - For $25!

Building a DIY aquarium heater controller is easier than you might have thought.

Finnex Max-300 Heater Controller Review

I've added a Finnex Max-300 Heater Controller to my 75 Planted Aquarium after a new heater malfunctioned.

Prevent Aquarium Heater Failure! DIY heater controller.

Just don't wire the cooling circuit (unless you are using an aquarium chiller).

Finnex Max-300 Heater Controller Review

Unboxing and review of one of my favorite aquarium related products, the Finnex Max-300 External Heater Controller.

Finnex Max-300 Digital Aquarium Heater Controller Review

I bought this Finnex Max-300 Digital Aquarium Heater Controller about a month ago and have been keeping a close eye on it. So far it's been great.

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