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Eli's 30,000 liter home reef aquarium

Diving in the aquarium and feeding the fish.

How to set up a Freshwater Aquarium: Beginners guide to your 1st Aquarium

Hey folks, do you want to start up your first fish tank and are a little intimidated by it all.

How to Make an Aquarium at Home - Do it Yourself (DIY)

DIY : Learn how to make a aquarium (Fish tank) using glass, decorative stone and artificial plant.

Make A Vacuum Suspended Fish Tank

This is an interesting way to turn a classic science experiment into a functioning addition to a fish tank.

Top 10 Aquarium Fish for Beginners

Fluval's aquatic experts have weighed in and created their Top 10 list of fish that are best suited for beginners just entering the hobby.

park fish nature water coral stone zoo aquarium spain rocks europe shadows wildlife exhibition
Pile O' Fish!
Taken at Palma Aquarium and park that first opened in 2007 in Mallorca, Spain. The aquarium is 500 meters from Playa de Palma beach, and includes 55 tanks which are home to over 700 different species. The park boasts...
Photo by Fraser Mummery on Flickr
year2013 fishtank pagoda decoration fish aquarium tank home light 2012
Fish Tank Pagoda
San Jose, California
Photo by Photographing Travis on Flickr
year2013 fishtank aquarium house home 2013
Big Tank
San Jose, California
Photo by Photographing Travis on Flickr