Aquarium Tank Hoods With Lights

Nov 29, 17:33 PST

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DIY LED Aquarium Grow Light Hood

The process I used to create full color remote controllable led grow lights for my aquarium.

PetSolutions: Marineland LED Aquarium Hood

Looking for an all in one LED lighting solution and aquarium hood.

Top fin 5.5 gallon fish tank hood and led lights

I somewhat show you how to put in the led light, as well as show how bright it is and how the hood looks.

PetSolutions: Aqueon Deluxe LED Full Hood Aquarium Light

Aqueon Deluxe LED Full Hood Aquarium Lights are easy-to-install, water-resistant full aquarium hoods that add natural, shimmering effects and rippling glows .

How to: Easy DIY Sliding Glass Aquarium Top/Hood

Here's my attempt at making a sliding glass top for my 55 gallon tank.