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The Benefits of Using T5/LED Hybrid Lighting for Your Reef Tank

us/1pBORGH A hybrid of T5 and LED lighting is considered by many hobbyists to be the ultimate reef aquarium lighting solution because you get.

Hamilton Technology Aruba Sun T5 Retrofit Kit

Easy to use T5 High Output lighting retrofit kit.

DIY T5 retrofit build with my LEDS, 180g mixed reef tank

I wish I could have recorded this better through the the build.

Week 19: Compelling data for using T5 lighting on your reef tank | 52 Weeks of Reefing #BRS160

li/BRS160_Week19 It's Week 19 of 52 Weeks of Reefing, and we're two weeks into a 5 episode segment where we are really diving into the different.


When I got these lights, full spectrum lighting wasnt really a big deal.

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