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How to: Selecting the Right LED Aquarium Light


Week 22: Reef tank lighting: What’s on our tanks! | 52 Weeks of Reefing #BRS160

li/BRS160_Week22 It's Week 22, and today we are diving into the final part of our 5 episode lighting mini-series where we are discovering which light.

LED vs T5 vs HQI - Light reef tank story

LED no name "made in china" White & Blue (4 x 120W) HQI Aquamedic 16000K (3 x 150W) T5 Aquamedic Blue (4 x 80W)


Got some new equipment and Aquarium lighting changes.

The Benefits of Using T5/LED Hybrid Lighting for Your Reef Tank

us/1pBORGH A hybrid of T5 and LED lighting is considered by many hobbyists to be the ultimate reef aquarium lighting solution because you get.

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Rainforest Cafe
The restaurants are decorated to depict some features of a generic rainforest, including plant growth, mist, waterfalls, robotic animals, and insects. Large marine aquariums are common in most restaurants. Automated...
Photo by cliff1066™ on Flickr
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Mote Aquarium - Shark
A shark in the shark tank, along with two fish, in Mote Aquarium. The lighting in the shark tank is not very good. I have tried to take a lot of photos of the sharks and other fish in the tank, but few have come out...
Photo by roger4336 on Flickr
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Leafy sea dragon
It took nearly an hour and a half to finally get in. The leafy sea dragon: dim light, and the fellow never stands still. I've been unsuccessfully trying to photograph this creature since 2002 in various aquariums in...
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr