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How to Replace the Aquatic Life Dual Lamp T5 HO | Big Al's

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Four Lamp T5 HO Ballast Replacement from Aquatic Life | Big Al's

A great tutorial on how to replace the Ballast of a T5 HO Light Fixture from Aquatic Life.

Aquatic Life T5 HO Four Lamp - Lamp Replacement | Big Al's

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TMC Professional UV Sterilizer/Clarifier 110 Watt

TMC 110 Professional and Replacement parts .

These Tiny Cyborg Stingrays Are Made Out of Rat Parts - WIRED

The last time we checked in with engineering professor Kit Parker, his students had finished building a brisket-smoking robot . It’s easy to see why they did that: Brisket is tasty, brisket is hard to cook, and Harvard kids are wicked smaht. Source:

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