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Cheap Freshwater LED Aquarium Light - Amazon Deal

Quick review of my recent US$57 purchase from Amazon retailer PowerStation777.

led aquarium light amazon

Bought it for 15. 99 free shipping, good light I recommend picking it up if you want something small.



Kessil A150W Amazon Sun LED Aquarium Light at Neptune Aquatics in Milpitas, California

Join Jimmy Francis of Neptune Aquatics (http://www.

Beamswork 36" EA FSPEC LED Freshwater Aquarium Light

Just received my Beamswork LED light from Amazon.

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summer canada vancouver aquarium amazon rainforest britishcolumbia stanleypark 2013
Indoor Rainforest
The Amazon gallery is maintained to very particular temperature and humidity specifications to mimic the Amazon environment. The lights are also automatically raised and lowered gradually to simulate the cycle of the...
Photo by daryl_mitchell on Flickr
orange birds animals yellow parrot nationalaquarium
Group of Colorful parrots
From the Amazon Exhibit. The two on the right started fighting right after I took this picture, unfortunately all the pictures of them fighting came out blurry, due to the rapid movement and the lack of good light.
Photo by chriswsn on Flickr
fish coral river aquarium shark dc washington amazon marine district columbia national species aquatic amphibians reef swell reptiles ecosystem freshwater invasive invertebrates sanctuaries “washington river” “national species” fish” dc” “marine “district columbia” aquarium” swellshark cephaloscyllium ventriosum “coral reef” “amazon “invasive sanctuaries”
Swell Shark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum)
Its normal size is about 0.9-1 m in length. The swell shark has a stout body, a flat, broad head, a short snout, and large mouth, which contains 55-60 teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. The large oval-shaped eyes...
Photo by cliff1066™ on Flickr