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Aquarium Advice - How to Breed Fish in an Aquarium by Pondguru


Breeding Fish for Profit Aquarium Selling Guppies, Bushynose Plecos, Cherry Shrimp for Money

Where i breed Guppies, Bristlenose Plecos, and Cherry Shrimp and grow guppy.

How I made $20,000 in 1 month from breeding aquarium Discus fish

What you need to know if you want to do it. and WHY I DONT WANT TO DO IT AGAIN.

Methods for breeding aquarium fish - Aquatics Live 2012, part 9

com/DefiniteAquascapeTV YOUTUBE: http://www.

Breeding Mollies: How to breed Molly Fish successfully in home aquarium

Mollies (Poecilia sphenops) are one of the most common aquarium fishes.

Feng Shui, Gourmet Food Needed for Little Aquarium Fish to Breed - WCAI

“The animals that we choose to breed, including the Blue Chromis, are important for our aquarium and also for our exhibits,” Schmuck said. There are about 100 Blue Chromis in the large tank at the New England Aquarium at any given time, so there’s a lot more work to be done to scale up the breeding process. Source:

fish aquarium rainbow glossolepis drecart wanamensis
Glossolepis wanamensis
A young male wanamensis that I added to my breeding set-up.
Photo by drecart on Flickr
fish aquarium dc captive 2009 taxonomy:binomial=rhinichthysatratulus blacknosedace maleinbreedingcolorsrhinichthysatratulus
Blacknose Dace, Male in breeding colors, Rhinichthys atratulus
Photo by brian.gratwicke on Flickr
Beijing Aquarium 7 This aquarium is the largest inland one in the world and breeds more than 1,000 marine species and freshwater fish. It is divided into seven parts, namely,...
Photo by China Travel Compass on Flickr