Aquarium Stand 10 Gallon

Jul 22, 13:00 PDT

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Jul 11, 15:00 PDT

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DIY 10 Gallon Stand

00 DIY 10 Gallon Stand . ). Hope you like it Dimensions Top/Bottom "L" boards (20 3/8") Top/Bottom "W" boards (7 3/8") Legs (29") Shelves (14 5/16")

DIY Stand for a 10 gallon tank

Doing your stands for your fish tank can a great activity to past the time and can also save you quite some money.

DIY 10 Gallon Fish Tank Stand Part 1

Hopefully part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow :)

DIY 15/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand Part Deux

I'm pretty happy with how it came out considering it's my first DIY tank stand.

HOW TO: build an aquarium rack - cheap and easy

com/uarujoey cheap and easy aquarium rack how to build an.