Aquarium Bubble Wall

Mar 17, 19:47 PST

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Bubble Wall Completed... YAAY!!

I think i FINALLY got this done and it looks MUCH better.

LED Bubble Wall in my Goldfish Aquarium

Bought on ebay for $14. free shipping.

Air Curtain Bubble Wall Fish Tank - Nanyoovents

New Air Curtain Bubble Wall Fish Tank in Pet Supplies, Fish & Aquarium equipment.

How To: DIY bubble wall. (Very cheap)

Very cheap and easy way to make something that you can buy at the store.

Bubble Wall Aquarium LED Lighting Indoor Panel Water Fall Feature Fountain 400WM

Wall mounted, light weight, and low profile - the perfect indoor water feature.

ocean wall aquarium bay monterey women photographer open tank bubble
Bubble Wall
They seem to turn on the bubbles late in the evening. I'm not sure if this is only for show or not. During the day, there are so many people that it is very difficult to get a shot of someone up against the glass...
Photo by John Loo on Flickr
mba shark monterey greatwhiteshark monterybayaquarium
Monterey's New Guest
The Monterey Aquarium just got their 2nd Great White Shark. At 5 feet 8 inches long and 104 pounds, he arrived on August 31st...looking very hunger. He made an abrupt turn and all of the tuna in the 1 million gallon...
Photo by Erik Charlton on Flickr