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Aug 15, 08:43 PDT

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Local Fish Store Tour! Monfort Aquarium and Pets

Come along as I show you my Local Fish Store and take a look at all the tanks in the store.

Mission to Catch a Pet Bass for My Aquarium

Follow along as we head out to the Mobile Delta in search of a couple of bass to put in our aquarium.

Crazy Fish Store in Asia. Aquarium Shop in Vietnam!

This is just one store that has an awesome selection of tropical fish ranging from tetras to mollies to pretty much any other kind of common and rare fish out there.

Axolotls - Cool Aquarium Pet

A cute & incredibly strange looking water creature is a new popular pet.

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Aquarium du Québec - Eddy & Tiguak
Have a nice day, Friends ! I am at work... See you tonight ! Thanks to all !!! Merci à tous ! Je vous retrouve ce soir, je suis au travail ! Toute bonne journée à vous !
Photo by Gattou - Lucie Provencher on Flickr
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Andy - Aquarium de Québec
Thanks for Texture : Je ne fais que passer encore ce soir, vraiment désolée, les amis.. Vivement que cette "damnée" semaine se termine.. :(...
Photo by Gattou - Lucie Provencher on Flickr
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Aquarium du Québec, Québec
Toute bonne semaine à vous, les Amis ! Wishing you a beautiful week, Friends !
Photo by Gattou - Lucie Provencher on Flickr