10 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium

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125 gallon acrylic aquarium

picked this tank up off craigslist for 25. 00 needs work but i like projects.

STEP-BY-STEP DIY 10 Gallon Sump

DIY 10 Gallon Sump Materials Needed: (2x) 5"x7" 1/4 in. Plate glass (1x) 9 3/4"x 8" 1/4in. Plate glass (1x) 9 3/4"x 7 3/4" 1/4in. Plate glass (Total glass cost= $20).

Custom Acrylic DIY Aquarium All in one fish tank for 10 gallon tank.

10 gallon tank expansion into a 16. 5 Gallon with a tank kit from.

Petco and Animal Planet's Tanked Present: My First Tank - Setting Up Your Tank

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10 Gallon Fish tank to Vertical terrarium conversion

I made the rock wall background out of styrofoam sheets.

ocean fish aquatic birchaquarium
Birch Aquarium Giant Kelp Tank
The large piece of acrylic, 12 feet high 20 feet wide 10 inches thick 10 tons, holding 280 tons of seawater (70,000 gallons)
Photo by kaoticsnow on Flickr