Aquarium Algae

Aug 9, 07:32 PDT

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10 Types of Algae Commonly Found In Planted Aquariums and How to Control It

This video is here to help you identify the most common algae, what causes it, and how to battle it. As my first.

How To DESTROY Algae in 30 Seconds (Get Rid Of Aquarium Algae FAST)

com/DIYAQUAPROS 20 ml into 1000ml makes 2% solution.

3 Tips To Control Aquarium Algae

Algae is a photosynthetic organism that lives within our aquariums.

Aquarium Algae Problems, Algae Eaters - Aquarium Plants 101

From hair algae, diatom algae, black beard or brush algae, green water, and blue.

HOW TO: Prevent Aquarium Algae

Aquatic expert Tom Sarac provides several tips on how to prevent and reduce algae problems in an aquarium environment.

fish macro water aquarium snail img0043
I eats you!
The snail in my tank with algae all over it's shell. I just realized why the last Lippy picture's background turned out green; apparently there was an overgrowth of algae on the back face of the tank. Thats why I got...
Photo by Benson Kua on Flickr
aquarium algae sunlight prism concentric
Algae farm
I didn't quite capture the beauty in these little algae disks forming on the side of my empty aquarium... but I promise it was there :)
Photo by zudark on Flickr
aquarium nano reef nanoreef
Aquarium in his 3th Week....
Troquei a lampada por uma Actinidea... Estava começando a passar por uma infestação de algas. =P
Photo by Onlyice on Flickr