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BEGINNER Aquarium Plant Package - LOW TECH PACKAGE - Ludwigia, Rotala +MORE

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May 3, 21:36 PDT
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Hello fellow or aspiring aquascaper! My name is Umar and I am a seller of aquatic plants on popular fish and hobby forums on the internet. I pride myself on my plants since they are grown with care and in prime condition (co2, EI fertilization, high light). All plants are in SUBMERSED form, unless otherwise noted. Check me out as "umarnasir335" on and Bettafish forums to see my reputation among hobbyists.
The listed plant package is for the following items:
- 5+ stems Ludwigia assorted (mix of lacustris, repens, and repens x arcuata)- 5 stems Rotala rotundifolia- 1 x Needle Leaf Java Fern (5+ leaves)- 2x2 Guppy Grass (Ammonia sponge! Great natural filter)+ Freebies (stems and beginner plants)

*This is a great package for people looking to start a low-tech tank. Each of these species does well without intense light or CO2 supplementation, but grow even better with it. You get a nice variety of plants that can be used in the back and foregrounds of a tank.
*Shown are Guppy Grass and Ludwigia stems in last two pictures.*Fish not for-sale.I ship Mon-Thursday and Saturdays with double packaging and insulation. Please feel free to message me if you have questions. *All pictures are mine.** I have duckweed and mts+ramshorn snails. I rinse thoroughly before shipping, but please bleach dip if snails are not desired.*** Shipping will be done via USPS Priority - you will get the plants 2-3 days from shipping.

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