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55 Gallon Aquarium & Stand Fish Tank Supplies Mooresville NC 10 Nice Complete!

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    Aquarium Stand

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Up for auction is this fresh water aquarium set up, it is complete and functioning, everything you need to get started and more, just add fish. All equipment and supplies pictured are included in the auction.

The main aquarium is a 55 gallon tank. The tank has no cracks or leaks and works as it should. The 55 gallon tank has two filters. It has a hanging Whisper 60 filter with replaceable filter cartridges. It also has an under-gravel filter. There are two heaters that regulate the temperature of the tank. The hood and light bar have recently been replaced. The fitment is excellent and the doors and light work as they should. The tank includes an external tape-on thermometer to monitor the temperature of the tank.

As shown, there is a 10 gallon hospital tank included in the set up. The 10 gallon tank is a great idea for baby fish or quarantining sick fish. The 10 gallon tank has its own under-gravel filter and heater. The hood and light on this tank also work great. The small tank also includes the same type of external tape-on thermometer as the big tank for consistent monitoring.

The tank stand has been made out of 4X4’s. It is straight, level, sturdy and rock solid. You will have complete peace of mind with this stand. It is currently painted with white latex paint but can be painted a different color (it was previously painted dark brown). The stand also has the capacity for a second 10 gallon tank on the lower shelf.

There is one other important item to disclose for your consideration. The 55 gallon tank is currently stuck to the stand. It seems as if the weight of the tank has caused it to adhere to the paint on top of the stand. This does not hurt its function in any way, but it makes it more difficult to move the tank. Please don’t bid if this is an issue for you.

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