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Jun 10, 07:34 PDT

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My Royal Pleco has grown Bigger.

Its been a good while now since i got this royal pleco.

New 9" royal pleco ( panaque nigrolineatus L190 )

Royal pleco L27b Xingu

My royal pleco, the reason my main tank is dirty is because he eats wood and poops saw dust.

my 2ft royal pleco

My wild caught royal pleco help me name him . He's thought to be over 30 years old.

Pleco royal y roca dragón

Pleco Royal en nuestro acuario de discos.


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catfish pleco panaque panaquenigrolineatus royalpleo
Hanging Out
Photo by Pardee Ave. on Flickr
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"Panaque nigrolineatus" Panaque "Royal Pleo" pleco "cat fish"
Photo by Pardee Ave. on Flickr