Freshwater Aquarium Tank

How to set up a Freshwater Aquarium: Beginners guide to your 1st Aquarium

Hey folks, do you want to start up your first fish tank and are a little intimidated by it all.

How to Clean a Freshwater Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

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Tips and Tricks For Starting a Freshwater Aquarium [For Beginners]

Hope you enjoy the video.


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TOP 10 Aggressive Freshwater Fish for Aquarium

TOP 10 Aggressive Freshwater Fish for Aquarium https://www.

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Planted Tank 03
From the wonderfully-designed and lovingly-kept 75 gallon freshwater tank with an "Amazonian" biotope, by Lito. (Seen in Explore, Dec. 26, 2006)
Photo by The Wandering Angel on Flickr
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peace with my buddies
earlier today.... i had a nice email from a friend.... i had a cup of coffee in my hands as i stared at these neons in the tank next to my mac... contemplating the email. ... the friend's email... reminded me how we...
Photo by Leino88 on Flickr
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Photo by Nickogibson on Flickr