Bow Front Aquarium Hoods

May 27, 14:05 PDT

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3reef 46 Bowfront Canopy Build Part I

Part one of our video showing how we planned and built our 46 gallon bowfront aquarium canopy.

46 gallon bow front acrylic aquarium set up and Canopy build by: Jake Pitts

This is me setting up my 46 gallon bow front acrylic aquarium.

Bow fish tank hood modification DIY pt02

here are the links where I got the idea from : http://www.

The Bowfront Cabinet Guy, LA Fishguys, Episode 112 pt 1

Using my cabinet guy in the one hundred and twelftth episode of LA Fishguys to build the 400 gallon bowfront aquarium stand and canopy may have been a bad .

PetStore Employees 46 gal. bowfront aquarium

Via aqua VA750 canister- 315 gph eheim ecco 2232= 132 gph 300 w heater flourite/gravel dual T5- 6700k and 10000k T8- 18000k hagen elite mini filter- pipes .