Radion Led Aquarium Lighting

Radion G4: More Color, More Coverage, More Control


EcoTech Radion LED's On Reef Aquarium Closeup Tour

A Closeup Tour of Newyorksteelo's 90g Reef lighted by EcoTech Marine Radions XR30w LED Light Fixture.

EcoTech Radion LED Lighting: BRStv Product Spotlight

li/radionled On today's episode of BRStv, we are going to take an up-close look at the EcoTech Radion Gen 2 and EcoTech Radion Pro.

EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Pro REVIEW

com/coralfish12g/ In this CoralFish video I am.

800 Aquarium pt5: Ecotech Radion Light Settings & Programming

Dave discusses what settings Vivid Aquariums is using on the 11 Ecotech Radion LEDs over the 800 gallon reef aquarium.


  • Our Dying Planet

    Univ of California Press. 2011. ISBN: 9780520267565,0520267567. 339 pages.

    Weaving into the narrative his own firsthand field experiences around the world, the author, an ecologist brings ecology alive while giving a solid understanding of the science at work behind today's pressing environmental issues. He delves into topics including deforestation, biodiversity loss, over fishing, population growth, use of fossil fuel and climate change while discussing the real consequences of out growing ecological footprint. Coral reefs are on track to become the first...

  • Born Singing

    Authors Online. 2017. ISBN: 0755201922,9780755201921. 353 pages.

    Complete in itself, 'Born Singing' is also a sequel to 'Innocent in Africa'. The two titles are a reflection of those years after the ending of apartheid, when barriers between blacks and whites came down. But were the whites in South Africa ready to cross? The true story of an English woman, wife of an engineer, a grandmother and a teacher, observing events on both sides of the border between Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa during 1996-1998. 'Born Singing' conjures up throbbing...

  • Algae

    Two Little Fishies Incorporated. 2017. ISBN: 1883693020,9781883693022. 80 pages.

    Under specific conditions just about any seaweed, turf alga, phytoplankton or cyanobacteria can bloom and become "problematic." In this book Julian Sprung focuses on the varieties of algae that commonly do so in aquariums. He identifies them with Latin and common names, photographs of their gross morphology and photographs taken under the microscope that depict important identifying features. The author gives an extensive set of recommendations for ways to control the growth of each alga...

  • The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist

    2015. ISBN: 0692547576,9780692547571. 252 pages.

    Who says hobby literature has to be dull? From his off-the-wall sense of humor to his unrequited obsession with supermodels, Paul "Paul B" Baldassano is not what you'd call a typical aquarium-hobby author. Nor, by any means, is he a typical marine aquarist. A hobby pioneer in the truest sense of the word, Paul has kept saltwater aquariums for over six decades, and his current reef system has been up and running for over 44 years. It's safe to say Paul's remarkable longevity in the hobby-not...

  • Bleher's Discus

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